Be Sure to Read These 3 Things Before Choosing a Hotel Near Barona Resort & Casino 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road

barona resort  casino 1932 wildcat canyon road lakeside ca

Be Sure to Read These 3 Things Before Choosing a Hotel Near Barona Resort & Casino 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road

Barona Resort & Casino 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road in Lakeside is one of the newest features to the LA, CA area and the perfect getaway for those who want a great hotel, but don’t want to spend the money. A few things to consider before going:

It’s not the cheapest hotel in the area: While the cheapest hotel isn’t the best option either, you will be better off with a traditional, larger resort that is about a hundred miles away. On the other hand, if you plan on seeing more than a few of the major attractions here, the Barona is perfect. They also have some fantastic casino nights throughout the year. There are also a variety of other promotions going on and specials that are year round.

The parking is spotty: This one is true, but the Barona has limited parking, especially during times when there are large gatherings and parties going on. If you’re having a game night or have a large group, try asking the casino staff for help. Just keep in mind that there is little if any parking available around this location and should plan accordingly. Keep in mind that this location is located in a smaller town so most businesses are located within a few blocks of the casino.

No outdoor entertainment: One thing that bothered me about the Barona is that they do not offer outdoor entertainment at all. Many of the larger casinos will have some type of outdoor entertainment going on as part of their deal. However, with this location being located in a small residential area, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it for the small crowds that usually come through on weekdays.

With no outdoor entertainment, the rooms tend to be empty: While many people enjoy lounging in the pool and enjoying some in-room entertainment, it seems like they just don’t do it here. Also, with limited outdoor options, many guests have complained about lack of activities. You’ll find that many of the rooms are a bit on the small side and only have a few lounge chairs available.

Close proximity to the casino: You can’t go wrong with staying at the Barona or any of the other L.A., CA hotels located right in the center of the gaming area. If you’re lucky enough to be able to catch a few high rollers at the casinos, that’s wonderful. However, most of the time you’re stuck with the hotels and really want to avoid spending the extra money.

Overall, the Barona is a great location for anyone looking for a short drive to the casinos or for visitors that love to check out the gambling activity. It’s not necessarily the most expensive hotel to stay at, but if you want some games to play along with your drinks, you won’t find a better place.