Enjoy a Variety of Entertainment at the Barona Casino Buffet Hours

With over 50 restaurants to choose from on and around the Barona Casino, there is a buffet on the horizon that is sure to be very appealing to guests and locals alike. When it comes to entertainment for those that enjoy fine dining, the Barona Casino is one of the top choices for a perfect evening out at a casino.

barona casino buffet hours

Starting with the casual buffet, which will feature all of the food you would expect in a local restaurant such as pizza and sandwiches, guests can also enjoy their beverages and live music with the Barona Casino’s live bands. While there are many different choices in what type of music you want for your event, you will have the opportunity to choose between traditional music or jazz, blues and rock. A wide range of entertainers will also be available for your entertainment needs, including DJs, dancers, fire eaters, a sit down show, comedians and more. The choice is yours when you come to see the Barona Casino buffet hours.

Those who like to get really adventurous and have some quality time in the sun will love being able to dine in the Barona Casino buffet with games like the pin the nose on the donkey, banana pancake and more. There are also shows on the main stage that will include dance performances, a magician, band and more.

When you think of fun and excitement, you might think of gambling, but that is another attraction that can be enjoyed at the Barona Casino buffet hours. Whether you enjoy blackjack, roulette, poker or craps, you will be able to find it in the bar and restaurant at the casino. Some of the games will be played by the staff while others will be played by a number of guests as a game of chance, and this will give everyone a chance to learn a new game. The casino also offers a wide variety of drinks to enjoy while playing the games.

If you are looking for a more intimate experience while you are dining, the Barona Casino buffet hours will give you the opportunity to visit with the people you love without having to feel as though you have made them wait to be able to do so. When you get to see the Barona Casino buffet hours you can get to spend time with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere, without having to worry about their time or eating or drinking interruptions.

From a casino restaurant to an entertainment venue, the Barona Casino offers everything to please every type of person. When you take advantage of the buffet hours to see the casino in its best light, you will have a great time with your party and have a great experience. From dining at the Barona casino buffet, to watching a live show or going to a casino gaming event, this is the place to go.