How To Enjoy An All Inclusive Package In Myrtle Beach

The Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside are a picturesque setting located near Hilton Head Island. Located just 15 minutes from the city of Hilton Head and a little over an hour from Myrtle Beach, this resort provides all of the amenities that people are used to seeing in an all-inclusive package vacation. However, the amenities that guests will find here are anything but standard.

barona resort  casino lakeside

For example, because of its close proximity to the city of Hilton Head, there is no need to worry about the hassle of getting around the city when you stay at the Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside. However, there is a shuttle that runs from the Hilton Head Island Hotel, the Hilton Head Island Casino, and the Hilton Head Resort & Spa to the Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside. For those who enjoy the comfort of a private car, the route can be used. When arriving at the Lakeside, guests can pick up their own rental car.

If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry. After having spent a day exploring the lush and tropical environment surrounding the Lakeside, there is ample opportunity to participate in all the entertainment available at the Hilton Head resort. For those interested in bird watching, the Hilton Head Bird Club offers lessons for visitors to hone their skill.

Some of the best attractions in the Hilton Head area can be found within walking distance of the Lakeside. There is a marina, so you can explore the waters while you’re still on the strip. For those interested in doing more than just eating and relaxing, there is even a bakery that allows visitors to sample some of the bakery’s many delicious treats.

The Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside are also the ideal location for those seeking a romantic getaway. The front desk at the Lakeside knows how to please all types of romance, from the traditional and intimateto the more adventurous and fun. For those who wish to try something new, the Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside also host the Rumor Romping-A-Thon, a costume contest that combines wine and rum drinking. These contests have become extremely popular, as well as the bi-annual Bayona Cruise, which attracts one hundred of the most beautiful women from all over the world.

If the world is your oyster, you are invited to experience another kind of luxury. The Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside are a four star resort, offering guests more than twenty channels, cable TV, a movie theater, and a full restaurant. Many of the rooms offer fantastic views of the waters and the rocky shoreline.

In addition to the great features offered by the Lakeside, the bar at the Hilton Head hotel offers some of the finest drinks the world has ever known. For those seeking a truly personal experience, the club at the Hilton Head beach provides an exclusive experience for those wishing to forget about the rest of the world. In fact, if you really want to get away from it all, you can actually find lodging right on the beach at the Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside.

The Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside are one of the best resorts in the Hilton Head area. For those interested in all-inclusive vacation packages that offer a mixture of the comforts of home with all of the comforts of a resort, the Lakeside is the perfect vacation getaway. No matter what your taste is, the Barona Resort & Casino Lakeside will fulfill your every desire.